Completed States

Alabama (state #22): BUTS Bearly Ultra (report)

Arizona (21): Canyon de Chelly Ultra (report)

Colorado (19): Mueller Marathon (report)

Delaware (8): Triple Crown Marathon (report)

Florida (4): Dances with Dirt Green Swamp marathon (report)

Georgia (17): SweetH20 50k (report)

Illinois (2): Chicago Marathon (very short report)

Indiana (9): Dances with Dirt Gnaw Bone marathon (report)

Kansas (25): Free State Trail Runs marathon

Kentucky (16): Land Between the Lakes marathon (report)

Massachusetts (15): Stone Cat marathon (report)

Michigan (12): Mellow Marathon at Woodstock Trail Running Festival (report)

Minnesota (24): Moose Mountain Marathon at Superior Fall Trail Race

Missouri (1): Go! St. Louis marathon (short report)

Montana (23): HURL Elkhorn 50k (report) – favorite race so far

Nevada (5): ET Midnight marathon (report)

New Hampshire (11): Bear Brook marathon (report)

New York (13, PR): Wineglass marathon (report)

North Carolina (14): Medoc marathon (report)

North Dakota (26): END-TRAILS 12 hour race (50k)

Oregon (6): Portland marathon (report)

South Carolina (20): FATS 50k

South Dakota (10): Deadwood Mickelson Trail marathon (report)

Tennessee (27): Run Amok marathon

Texas (3): marathon (report), 50k, 50 miles, 100k (report), 100 miles

Vermont (18): Infinitus marathon (report)

Virginia (7): Marine Corps Marathon (report)

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